DOFF Steam Cleaning

DOFF is an expertly engineered system that uses steam or superheated water to remove the more stubborn forms of dirt or markings from stonework and masonry.

The water supply is fed into a hot-box, where it is subjected to temperatures as high as 150ºC. The heated water, or vapour, is then filtered through the heat resistant hoses to the nozzle at a rate of between three and 10 litres per minute.

Once cleaned, the surface dries within minutes to prevent any long-term damage as a result of trapped moisture.
Crucially, when removing biological growth, the spores are completely killed off, meaning there’s no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as protection against further biological activity.

Example of steam cleaning process...

DOFF steam cleaning London

DOFF Steam Cleaning

* Moss

* Algae

* Fungi

* Bitumen

* Modern paints

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Doff steam cleaner

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DOFF masonry and brick cleaning system London


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